Where to Purchase Tickets

Buy Tickets

Metra tickets for any line may be purchased at the downtown stations or at outlying stations where a ticket agent is on duty. (Click here for a list of stations with agents.) On the Metra Electric Line, tickets at the busiest non-downtown stations are available through vending machines. All Metra tickets can also be purchased on your Apple or Android smartphone with the free Ventra app, available in the App Store or Google Play.

Where no ticket agent or vending machine exists, passengers may board the train and purchase a One-Way Ticket with cash from the conductor. However, if an agent is on duty and you elect to purchase the ticket on the train, the conductor will charge an additional $5.

For more information on how to purchase the various types of Metra tickets, please see the table below:

  Ventra App Station with Ticket Agent Ticket Vending Machine Onboard the Train
Super Saver Monthly Unlimited Pass Yes Yes No No
10-Ride Ticket Yes Yes Yes (except at outlying Metra Electric stations) No
One-Way Ticket Yes Yes Yes Yes*
$6 3-Zone Day Pass Yes No Yes No
$10 Day Pass Yes No Yes No
Sat or Sun Day Pass Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weekend Pass Yes No No No
Regional Connect Pass** Yes Yes No No

*You will be charged an additional $5 surcharge for purchasing onboard the train if a ticket agent was available at your station of origin.

**The Regional Connect Pass for unlimited rides on the CTA and Pace is available only to Monthly Pass buyers. To buy it in the Ventra app, you must first have a Ventra card. Click here for details.