Guide for New Riders

New to Metra? Welcome aboard! We've prepared this New Riders Guide to help you with our system. We want you to think of us as My Metra.

Wi-Fi on Metra

Metra offers free Wi-Fi in the waiting areas of all of its downtown stations and on a small number of railcars spread across our 11 lines.

The 62 railcars that have Wi-Fi hotspots can be identified with an orange Wi-Fi decal on the exterior of the car. In general, the hotspots are limited to a 1 megabyte per second download speed per user. Checking email and Internet browsing are the intended uses of this service, not streaming video.

To access the free Wi-Fi service, select “Metra Wi-Fi Onboard” from the list of options on your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Once selected, you must agree to the terms and conditions to gain access to the service. If you have trouble connecting to the onboard Wi-Fi, please use our Contact Us form and tell us the car number so we can investigate and repair the problem.

In addition to free Wi-Fi in the waiting areas of all five downtown stations, Metra also offers stations for customers to charge their phones and other devices.

Passenger Behavior

Metra asks all its customers to abide by its Passenger Code of Conduct. Please treat others with courtesy and respect while riding our trains. Remember, you’re not alone. Always consider your onboard behavior and try to do better.

Following those simple rules can reduce or eliminate the most common gripes that our riders share about their fellow riders. Specifically, please:

  • Don’t Hog seats or save seats. Move your things, and let others sit next to you, especially when the train is crowded, and don't save seats for others.
  • Don’t be loud, even if you're not on a Quiet Car. Use headphones.
  • Save your grooming for your home.
  • Don’t put your feet on the seats.
  • Don’t crowd the aisles.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes.
  • Don't kick the seat in front of you.

Please, ride nice!

What's Allowed on Metra Trains