Creating a Ventra account

Here's how to create a Ventra account in the Ventra app

From the welcome screen, click on "Create new account." Then follow these instructions:

  • First, enter your email address.
  • Next, create a username. It can be any name you want, but it has to be four characters or more.
  • Next, create a password, with a minimum of eight characters. The eight characters must include two of the three following features:
    • Lower-case letters
    • Upper-case letters and
    • Numbers or special characters.
  • Next, enter your name, phone number and address.
  • Next, pick a 4-digit access code. The access code can
  • Next, choose and answer a security question. We’ll use this if we ever need to verify who we’re speaking to on customer service inquiries or you forget your password.

Finally, check the box agreeing to our terms and conditions and hit “Create Account.”