Buying the Regional Connect Pass in the Ventra App

Use the Ventra App to Buy the Regional Connect Pass

  • If you don’t have a Ventra card yet, buy one online, from any Ventra vending machine at a CTA rail station or from more than 1,300 Ventra retail locations. The cost of a new card is $5, but this is refunded to you as Ventra transit value when you register your card within 90 days of purchase. (You can apply this value toward the purchase of a pass, rides on CTA or Pace or even toward the purchase of a Metra mobile ticket in the Ventra App.)
  • Next, register your new Ventra card in your Ventra account, or create a Ventra account in the Ventra App and register the card.
  • Once you have a Ventra card registered with your Ventra account, you’re ready to buy a Regional Connect Pass. First, buy a Metra mobile monthly pass.
    • Once you complete that process, the new Monthly Pass will appear on in the "Tickets" section (select "Tickets" in the bottom right corner of the home screen).
    • At the bottom of the Tickets page will be a prompt for you to "Add a Regional Connect Pass" (If your app still says, "Add a Link-Up or PlusBus pass," please download the latest update to the app.) Click on the link and you’ll be asked to select the Ventra card you want to use for that pass.
    • Next, select “Checkout.”
    • You’ll be asked for the select your payment method. The options will include any credit or debit cards (including pre-tax transit benefits debit cards) or Ventra transit value affiliated with your Ventra account. You can even choose to split the payment between two cards.
    • Once you’ve paid, your Ventra card will be loaded with the pass. Use it to pay your fare anytime when boarding CTA buses or trains or Pace buses.