On February 15, 2023, the Metra Board adopted My Metra Our Future (pdf) as the next strategic plan for Metra. The new plan builds on Metra’s first-ever strategic plan, On Track to Excellence, which covered the 2018-22 time period. This new plan will guide the agency’s decision-making for the next five years, 2023-27.


Strat plan cover


My Metra, Our Future is a culmination of feedback we received from key stakeholders, and positions Metra to thrive in a post-pandemic environment. Through a new Mission, Vision, and set of five Strategic Goals, this plan proactively responds to the evolving priorities and needs of our agency, our customers, and our region, and asserts our evolution toward a ‘regional rail’ service model.

To track implementation of the plan and measure our success, a Strategic Plan Report Card will be published quarterly below.

To learn more about Metra’s previous strategic planning efforts, please view the following documents: