Moving Tickets from One Device to Another

Where are my Metra tickets?

If you don’t see the tickets you expect, this might be because you’ve just logged into a new device and your tickets are associated with a different device that's been logged into your account. Don’t worry! It’s easy to bring your tickets over.

Moving Tickets to your Device from Another with the New Ventra App

When you buy a Metra mobile ticket with the new Ventra app, it's stored on our servers but will only appear on the device you used to buy it. This makes it easier for people who share an account so people don't mix up whose tickets are whose.

If you buy a new phone, here's how to move tickets from another/previous device on your account to your new one:

  • Open the Metra tickets section of the app on your destination (“to”) device and select "Move tickets to this device" from the links at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select which tickets you'd like to move.
  • Press "Continue" and confirm your selection.
  • Your imported tickets should appear right away and will be ready for use immediately.

Because we’ve made it easy to move tickets from another (or past) device on your account to your own right inside the app, it’s possible your partner, spouse or other family member might inadvertently pull your tickets over to their phone. Use the “Move tickets to this device” feature to easily bring those tickets right back to your phone from the app.

Limits on Moving Tickets Between Devices

Important: Metra Monthly Passes can only be moved from one device to another once. If you share your account with other people, please be careful not to move tickets that aren’t yours (especially Monthly Passes) to your phone to avoid taking someone else’s ticket, because you might accidentally run into an issue with this Monthly Pass transfer restriction.

If you have a good reason for having had to move a Monthly Pass more than once, such as if you switched to a new phone, you’ll need to contact the Ventra Customer Service Call Center for help. Exceptions are at the discretion of Ventra and Metra Customer Service and account history may be considered when granting an exception to prevent fare fraud. Contact Ventra Customer Service at 1.877.NOW.VENTRA (1.877.669.8368).

Other unused tickets can be moved between devices on your account as much as you like until they're activated, expended or have expired.