This dashboard shows the level of crowding on each train to help riders plan their travel according to their personal needs, as well as to encourage riders to shift to less-congested trains, when possible. This tool is in beta; Metra may update the tool in response to rider feedback or when different information becomes available. If you have any suggestions or other feedback, please email us at

Metra is monitoring the level of crowding on each train by calculating the average number of riders per train car. For weekdays, the dashboard uses the prior week. For weekends, the dashboard uses the previous four weekend days. On the train schedules provided in the table, trains are color-coded based on the levels of crowding depicted in the graphic below. Trains that are marked “n/a” and not color coded are trains where not enough data is available to determine the level of crowding. This can happen because the train was recently added to the schedule or because there is a data anomaly.

All Metra lines are operating on alternate schedules that are being adjusted as ridership grows. The most recent schedule changes may not be reflected in this tool. The current schedule for each line can be found here.  

Updated 07/17/2024

BNSF Weekday Saturday Sunday
Heritage Weekday    
MD-N Weekday Saturday Sunday
MD-W Weekday Saturday Sunday
Electric Weekday Saturday Sunday
NCS Weekday    
RI Weekday Saturday Sunday
SWS Weekday    
UP-N Weekday Saturday Sunday
UP-NW Weekday Saturday Sunday
UP-W Weekday Saturday Sunday


high ridership dashboard