Lost Tickets & Refund Policy

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    Refund Policy

    No refund or replacement ticket will be issued for lost, destroyed or stolen One-Way or 10-Ride Tickets or Day, Weekend or Monthly passes. Metra is not responsible for lost articles, errors in timetables, or for inconvenience or damage resulting from missed stops; delayed, cancelled or missed trains; failure to make connections; or shortages of equipment. All customers must have a ticket in their possession at the time of travel. Unused monthly passes are refunded per the policy below.

    Monthly Pass Refunds

    Monthly Passes are refunded on a percentage basis depending on the date returned (for paper passes) or last activation (for Ventra app passes), with 100 percent refunded on or before Day 1 of the month for which the ticket is valid and 85 percent refunded on Day 2. The percentage of the refund then drops by 5 percentage points each day thereafter (80 percent on Day 3, 75 percent on Day 4, etc.) until Day 18, when the percentage refunded is 5 percent. No refund is permitted after Day 18. Monthly Pass refunds are also assessed $5 handling fee per transaction if returned after the start of the valid month.

    No other Metra tickets or passes are refundable.

    How you request and receive a refund for Monthly Passes depends on how you purchased your pass and whether it is a paper or Ventra pass. Please note the language below about passes mailed to you as part of a Pre-Tax Transit Benefits program.

    Monthly Pass Purchases via the Ventra app

    Customers who purchased a Monthly Pass via the Ventra mobile app will receive a refund to their original method of payment. Email refunds@metrarr.com and provide your username, email associated with your Ventra account and/or the order number. The refund will be based on the above formula and the last day of activation. This applies to Ventra purchases made with a pre-tax transit benefits debit card.

    Monthly Pass Purchases via Ticket Agents

    Customers who purchased a paper Monthly Pass at a ticket window with a credit card can submit their pass for refund to a ticket agent by close of business on the 18th of the month. Customers will need their original receipt of purchase and the credit card originally used to be refunded. This applies to agent purchases made with a pre-tax transit benefits debit card. A credit will be applied to their credit or debit card.

    Customers who purchased a paper Monthly Pass at a ticket window with cash or personal check should fill out this refund form and give it and their pass to a ticket agent, or they can mail the form and the pass to the address below. (The refund will be calculated based on the date of the postmark.)

    Metra Revenue Accounting Department
    Attn: Refunds
    547 W. Jackson Blvd.
    Chicago, IL 60661

    A check in the refund amount will be mailed to the customer.

    Monthly Pass Purchases involving Pre-Tax Transit Benefits

    If you have a debit card from your Pre-Tax Transit Benefits provider and use it to purchase a Monthly Pass in the Ventra app, follow the guidance for those purchasing channels above.
    If you use your pre-tax debit card to buy a paper Monthly Pass from a ticket agent, follow the guidance above.

    For paper passes received at your home via USPS or distributed from your employer, send those tickets back to your employer/benefit provider to obtain a refund to your pre-tax benefits account.

    For customers who use more than one payment method to buy a pass – a split payment – refunds will be split in the same manner following the procedures for each payment above.

    Other Tickets

    • Day Passes are not refundable
    • Regional Connect passes are nonrefundable
    • Weekend Passes are nonrefundable
    • Saturday or Sunday Day passes are nonrefundable
    • One-Way Tickets are nonrefundable
    • 10-Ride Tickets are nonrefundable
    • Special Event Passes are nonrefundable