Transit Benefits


Save up to 40% on your commuting costs! And get on track with pre-tax benefits!

You can save hundreds to more than $1,000 a year on commuting costs through payroll tax savings when you participate in a pre-tax transit benefit plan at work. You’ll save money while enjoying a stress free commute with Metra!

For customers who use a Monthly Pass, participating in a pre-tax transit benefit plan is like getting three months of free Metra tickets each year!

How to Join?

Contact your Human Resources Department to learn if your employer participates in a pre-tax transit benefit plan.

How to Increase your Transit Benefit?

Already enrolled? To increase your benefit, simply contact your Human Resources Department for the necessary authorization form for your company’s plan.

Calculate your Savings

To learn just how much you'll save by enrolling in a pre-tax Transit Benefit plan where you work, use the handy tax savings calculator at the bottom of this page.


  • Metra customers who purchase Metra tickets through the Ventra App can also split their payments among credit and debit cards, including pre-tax transit benefit debit cards.
  • Monthly Passes purchased through a transit benefit provider must be detached from the stub in order to be valid for travel.

If you're an employer, your employees will save and so will you!

Transit benefits—an IRS approved program (Section 132f) to reduce costs of commuting by allowing employees to set aside up to $270.00 in 2020 per month for their Metra, bus, vanpool or other public transit costs.

Similar to health savings accounts, yet far more flexible, transit benefit programs allow employees to opt in/out according to your plan specifications. There’s no use it or lose it penalty and no cumbersome records to maintain by you or your employees.

Administrating a program is a simple process, often contracted to a third party administrator. These agencies charge fees, but the employer’s savings covers these fees in whole or part, making this the lowest cost or no cost benefit you can offer!

Transit benefits are a ticket to savings!

The bottom line is your company’s pre-tax transit benefit program can reduce your employees’ commuting costs by up to 40% while saving your company hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in payroll taxes.

You may also benefit with:

  • Recruiting and retention
  • Employees arrive rested, ready to work
  • Reduced employee stress
  • Reduced traffic and parking congestion

Enroll your company in a pre-tax transit benefit program today! Check with your current benefits provider or look into the plan offered by RTA, or other qualified providers such as WageWorks, Benefit Resource, ADP, and WiredCommute.

What are you waiting for? Help your employees start saving today!

Join the more than 50% of companies of all sizes that offer their employees a qualified pre-tax transit benefit program. It’s like giving your employees a raise without costing you! Some companies even share the benefit cost with their employees. Our goal is to reach 100% participation to help everyone in our region save on their commuting costs! Help us achieve that goal. Help your employees save. And, in doing this, you’ll help your company save too!

Transit Benefit Providers

Metra recommends RTA as a preferred regional provider for transit benefits. Each company should, though, evaluate and select their benefits provider based on their particular needs. In addition to checking plans listed on this site, consider conducting an internet search for others that might offer plans to suit your needs. And don't forget to check with your current benefits provider.