#NowApproaching Downers Grove

Publication Date
Thursday, June 27, 2019

When I was considering places to go for an afternoon of exploring, I was looking for something close to a train station. It was a bit drizzly on this particular Saturday, so I wasn’t looking for a far walk. A bike ride was certainly out of the question. So, when I disembarked the BNSF train at Downers Grove, I was supremely pleased that the Farmers Market was literally in the train station parking lot. I’d say a stone’s throw, but that’s even too far – the market is right there. And the wet weather didn’t seem to dampen the mood at the market, as there was a good crowd at the various stalls as well as a band to provide a soundtrack. A savory waffle sandwich at the market piqued my interest, served with a bed of tots (because why not?), and it made for a hearty snack on this unseasonably cold day.

I walked around the town, also extremely convenient from the station. The picturesque Tivoli theater is very close to the station, and my trusty book of Chicago Neighborhoods tells me it was the second theater in the country built for movies with sound. The downtown is eminently walkable, with a surfeit of restaurants and taverns. The town definitely has a classic American vibe, especially when it serves as host to a classic cars show on Friday nights in the summer (also conveniently accessible by Metra!).

Lastly, if you are in Downers Grove by the Belmont station, which I also happened to be on that Saturday, you are within a 10 or so minute walk to Alter Brewing. I fortified myself with a few craft beers before taking on the rain one last time.

Check out a helpful itinerary below:

  • Take the BNSF Line (Chicago to Aurora) to Downers Grove Main Street Station
  • The station is in the heart of the downtown Downers Grove
  • On Saturday mornings there is a good sized Farmers Market right in the Downers Grove Metra station parking lot
  • 2019 dates: May 11 – October 19
  • Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • Talk a walk through a classic all-American downtown, replete with shops, restaurants, and taverns
  • The classically ornate Tivoli theater is directly adjacent to the station, as is a bowling alley
  • Bonus points: if you find yourself at the Belmont station in Downers Grove, the excellent Alter Brewing is about a 10-minute walk away