Melinda Bush


Melinda Bush was appointed to the Metra Board of Directors in February 2023 by the Chair of the Lake County Board. A lifelong resident of Lake County, she has served as a Grayslake village board trustee, a member of the Lake County Board and a state senator.

Ms. Bush served as a Grayslake village board trustee for four years before serving on the Lake County Board for an additional four. She was elected in 2013 to serve as state senator for District 31. Throughout her many offices of public service, Ms. Bush has continued to fight for transparent, ethical government, and gender equality,

In the Illinois Senate, she served as a chair of the Environmental & Conservation Committee and Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee. Seeking to support funding for much needed infrastructure improvements, she was selected to serve as member of the state Transportation for Illinois Coalition.

Director Melinda Bush