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Most lines to operate with modified Sunday schedules through June 7
First Published - 05/31/2020 - 9:22PM

Through Sunday, June 7, Metra will be operating a modified Sunday schedule with the last late night inbound train and last late night outbound train cancelled. There will be no service on the SouthWest Service, Heritage Corridor or North Central Service lines. Riders are advised that more trains could be cancelled during the day depending on circumstances; we will be closely monitoring events and our priority will be the safety of our passengers, employees and our system. Please pay attention to this website for the latest updates.

Sunday schedules can be viewed on these timetables: Metra Electric   Rock Island    BNSF     UP West   Milwaukee District West    Milwaukee District North    UP North     UP Northwest (the last train on the UP Northwest Line will leave downtown at 10:30 p.m. instead of 11:30 p.m.)

We hope to be able to expand service to our alternate schedules posted here next week if possible.

Last Updated - 06/03/2020 - 4:21PM

2012 - 2013 Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Seventh Annual Metra Safety Poster Contest and the Second Annual Metra Safety Essay Contest.
Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Contest Winners:

1st Place Poster

Kindergarten —Tristan Mehra, White Eagle Elementary School
1st Grade — Pranav Agrawala, Steeple Run Elementary
2nd Grade — Yebin Park, The Art School in Glenview
3rd Grade — Alyssa Meza, Winnebago Elementary
4th Grade — Ashley M. Roy, The Art School in Glenview
5th Grade — Mia Reynes, Roosevelt School
6th Grade — Jorge Casa, Richard E. Byrd School
7th Grade — Jasmine Mez, Marquardt Middle School
8th Grade — Danielle Murawski, Jack Hille Middle School
9th Grade — Cameron Chen, Libertyville High School
10th Grade — Elizabeth Adams, Crystal Lake Central High School
11th Grade — Joshua Moy, Deerfield High School
12th Grade — Karen Nguyen, Glenbard North High School

2nd Place Poster

Kindergarten — Alex Gourley, Copeland Manor School
1st Grade — Gwyn Lockwood, Lowell Elementary
2nd Grade — Samantha Chen, Copeland Manor School
3rd Grade — Jacob Szczudraws, Winnebago Elementary
4th Grade — Ivey Fowler, Oak Grove School
5th Grade — Montserrat Jimenez, J Shields Middle School
6th Grade — Aryaman Argawal, Kennedy Junior High School
7th Grade — Joy Lin, The Art School in Glenview
8th Grade — Jasmine Raudys, Homer Junior High
9th Grade — no award
10th Grade — Oran Dillon, Crystal Lake Central High School
11th Grade — Tyler Chen, Liberty High School
12th Grade — Danny Caplice, Lyons Township High School

3rd Place Poster

Kindergarten — Lupita Delgado, Mozart Elementary
1st Grade — Caroline Trob, Copland Manor School
2nd Grade — Veronica Stastna, Pheasant Ridge Elementary
3rd Grade — Jieun Chunk, The Art School in Glenview
4th Grade — Olivia Ho, The Art School in Glenview
5th Grade — Mary Wetterling, Copeland Manor School
6th Grade — Eha Srivastava, Winnebago Elementary
7th Grade — Julie Kuppeman, Lincoln Middle School
8th Grade — Hannah Johnson, Cary Grove High School
9th Grade — no award
10th Grade — Molly Anderson, Cary Grove High School
11th Grade — Alex York-Solano, Glenbard North High School
12th Grade —Nicole Shephard, Reavis High School

"People's Choice Award" Winner

Cameron Chen, Libertyville High School, 9th Grade


K-4 Division — Manya Davis, White Eagle Elementary School, 1st Grade
5-8 Division — Justin Kim, Hindsdale Middle School, 6th Grade
9-12 Division — Nam-Joong (Peter) Hwang, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, 11th Grade

Top Participating School

Mozart Elementary School, Chicago

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