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Metra and Business

Elimination of Ticket-by-Internet program
First Published - 04/27/2018 - 10:24AM

Due to declining internet ticket sales, Metra is eliminating the Ticket-by-Internet program – which includes recurring orders and one-time sales of Monthly Passes and 10-Ride Tickets on its website. The last day to purchase a Monthly Pass (July) via this program will be June 20 and the last day to purchase a 10-Ride Ticket will be June 30. This action is part of a continuing effort by Metra to identify ways to reduce expenses. Please see alternate purchasing options here.

Last Updated - 05/14/2018 - 3:06PM

Corporate Support Services

Corporate Support Services - Commuting Options

From ever-increasing gasoline prices, road congestion to parking, the costs and stress of commuting are over the top. Help your employees find a better way to commute by letting them know about Metra and all their travel options.

  • Complimentary - no cost to you or your employees
  • Fully personalized support per your preferences
  • Staged as your initiatives - you get the credit for fully preparing employees
  • Easy to arrange
  • References available
  • Join the satisfied companies that have benefited from these support services
  • Call today: 312-322-6739 or email
  • Support Options:

Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Developers

We’ve asked our passengers if proximity to Metra was a chief consideration in their home choice and the overwhelming majority said YES! This should come as no surprise as we all know the old adage regarding real estate — location, location, location. Metra wants to help you move your properties and a great way to do that is by highlighting their proximity to any one of our 241 stations throughout our region. Just let us know how we can help.

Suburban Residential Property Managers

Location, Location, Location! Promote your property's location and access to Metra with fully personalized, complimentary materials. Whether for commuting or recreational travel, your tenants will appreciate knowing all their travel options.

  • Welcome package materials for new tenants
  • Fully personalized co-branded Metra flyer - sample
  • No cost to you or your residents
  • Let them know how easy their commute can be with Metra
  • Call today: 312-322-6739 or email



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